Dementia AI: Precision in the Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s


Empowering innovation in AI precision for dementia with Cambridge University

8foldGovernance has been working with the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN’s) for many years representing suppliers who are bringing new and innovative digital health products and solutions to market. We are currently supporting a team from Cambridge University that was introduced by Eastern AHSN on an inspiring artificial intelligence (AI) programme that has the potential to make a significant impact on how an accurate prognosis and diagnosis is made for dementia.

Dementia - 8fold Governance

Validating an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Professor Zoe Kourtzi – a fellow at the Turing Institute, and her team, produced a validated Artificial Intelligence algorithm that ingests MRI scans and clinical information to make more accurate prognosis and diagnosis for dementia and in particular Alzheimer’s disease. The work is part of the Turing Institute’s projectAI for precision mental health: Data-Driven Healthcare Solutions.

The 8foldGovernance team of development and product management experts has supported the team by translating the code that was initially written as a proof of concept, into a robust prototype that can be used as a scalable solution in clinical trials.

Dementia: Commercialising Innovation in AI

On a challenging timeline, our team quickly developed a prototype solution that is accredited to the relevant compliance standards so it can be used more widely for research purposes. Once the Dementia AI team were happy with the prototype, we supported them with the next stage of their funding bid to the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), formulating a commercial and scalable model for this innovative programme. If the data in the clinical trial validates the proof of concept, the project funders – namely, the Welcome Foundation and NIHR, ambitions are to commercialise the product so it can be used more widely in the healthcare system – to improve patient outcomes, interventions and quality of life, following a more accurate diagnosis and prognosis of dementia.

A One-Stop Shop for Digital Health Innovation 

Since founding 8foldGovernance, we have worked with a diverse range of clients, including national disease registries, Irish and UK based health tech companies and digital accelerators. As well as supporting the Dementia AI programme, we engaged with the team at Eastern AHSN to deliver a digital framework toolkit for their resources page and took part in the Innovation review panel.

8fold Associate Anthony Anandan, who has previously worked in the AHSN network for Imperial College Healthcare Partners (ICHP), said: “AHSNs are a great vehicle to provide a ‘neutral space’ for NHS and innovators to meet and exchange ideas and the network has been instrumental in bringing new innovations to market. However, there are parts of the network that are resource limited and it’s here where I feel that 8fold can make a significant contribution.”

It has been useful to discover that the AHSN’s and their clients see such value in the practical services and experience that 8foldGovernance has to offer and we look forward to discovering more teams and innovations to support in the future.

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