8Fold Governance & Simulation for Digital Health (SimDH) Partnership Announcement

8foldGovernance are super excited to announce that we are supporting the London South Bank University with the Simulation for Digital Health (SimDH) as an expert partner, providing support to their Cohort of Health Tech businesses. We think the value of the SIMDH is huge for the companies taking part and are committed to helping them navigate the landscape with our expert advice. 

8foldGovernance was founded to support digital health technology companies with expertise from a range of disciplines. Everyone in our team has been through the difficulties that your startup is experiencing and lived to tell the tale. We want to help you overcome those obstacles so your business runs smoothly.

Through our careers in business development and partnerships, information governance, product and clinical safety management we have identified common barriers that companies meet whilst going to market. Too often we would see companies reach the point where they had secured their first significant deal and then discover that many mandatory governance requirements have not been met. The first time you hear “do you have a NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit?” “Can you send us over your Data Protection Impact Assessment?” or “can we see your Clinical Safety Case Report, Hazard Log, Risk Management Plan and Incident Log?” should not be in the closing stages of a deal. It can lead to, at best, delays and at worst the loss of a deal or confidence with your client.

Our team has the experience and expertise to help you navigate these issues. Not just in a simple supplier relationship but rather as a partner and guide to navigating what can otherwise prove to be a minefield.

As well as taking part and hopefully facilitating workshops we offer a 30-minute consult to advise and offer guidance on what steps you can take to address any gaps you may have, which compliance issues to address first and practical steps you can take to embed best practice whilst moving fast.

We have a number of teams led by experts in their field for every resource a Digital Tech SME needs to reach full compliance and position themselves confidently as a solid and trustworthy organisation with strong governance. 


Feel free to book your consultation call with us to assess your compliance maturity and support your organisation. 


George Boorman, SimDH, states, “SimDH is excited to announce our partnership with 8FoldGovernance. The ability to offer their expertise and services across information governance, data security and product management to SMEs registered to the programme will aid in the embedding of quality management, clinical safety and security into their product development processes.”


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