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Product management and strategy

A successful product combines technology and design to solve real customer problems. Product management is the act of making this happen.

The ideal product manager will therefore have a detailed understanding of the customers’ problems as well as experience in software design and development. Our product management team covers all these bases.

Whatever your stage of development, we can help – we have been there and come through successfully. Because no two situations are the same we’d love to have a no-obligation initial discussion to understand where you are and how we might work with you to achieve your goals.

The team is led by a medically qualified doctor (acute clinical medicine, public health) with extensive experience in technology and software development. He was until recently head of product for a company producing personal health record software, helping to grow the company from early start up to the most successful company in that space in the UK with national and regional level NHS contracts.



What Our Clients Say

When we have a problem to solve or a complex issue to untangle around IG Adam is there to support us through it. Working with the 8fold team has made our lives a lot easier and built capacity within our team

The team are pleasant, extremely knowledgeable, thorough, prompt in responding to queries and keen to help in any way they could. The work completed on our behalf definitely exceeded expectations.

Product management - 8fold Governance
Product management - 8fold Governance
Product management - 8fold Governance
Product management - 8fold Governance
Product management - 8fold Governance