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Product management and strategy

Product management Implementation

We care about getting products to market that solve real problems, empowering patients and clinicians.

Our team has senior experience of the entire product development lifecycle. We can support you in this whatever stage your organisation is at.

We can provide you with:​

Assisting in the development of your product roadmap and feature prioritization process

Bringing our clinical expertise to support the requirements gathering process and helping in discussions with end users – senior leadership to frontline clinicians

Working with business development, design and engineering teams to ensure a shared internal vision of the product and/or feature

Bringing our experience of health technologies and terminology e.g. integrations (HL7 v2, FHIR, GP Connect etc.), coding systems (SNOMED, LOINC etc.)

Providing project management and technical oversight of engineering teams, including remote teams

Helping to streamline the development lifecycle, introducing agile practices if appropriate

Clinical Risk Management for IT system suppliers

We can help you ensure that clinical safety is a core practice for your organisation and that statutory requirements are met.

Our team can support you in every aspect of ensuring that you meet the standards related to clinical safety for any IT system supplier. These standards are mandatory under the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

We can help in creating a compliant clinical risk management process and producing and maintaining the necessary documentation (Clinical Safety Case, Safety Case Report, Hazard and Incident Logs).

One key requirement of the standard is that your organisation have a Clinical Safety Officer responsible for the application of the clinical safety process. As per the implementation guidance the CSO must be a suitably qualified and experienced clinician knowledgeable in risk management in clinical domains. Our team can also provide this expertise if required.