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Clinical Risk And Product Management

Clinical Safety Officer – CSO as a service


Product Management And Strategy


Our Clinical Risk Management team is led by a Dr who is also a highly experienced digital health technology  product manager. We would expect our Clinical Risk Management services to directly feed into your entire product development lifecycle. We can support you in this whatever stage your organisation is at. 

We can provide you with:  

  • Assisting in the development of your product roadmap and feature prioritization process
  • Bringing our clinical expertise to support the requirements gathering process and helping in discussions with end users – senior leadership to frontline clinicians
  • Working with business development, design and engineering teams to ensure a shared internal vision of the product and/or feature
  • Bringing our experience of health technologies and terminology e.g. integrations (HL7 v2, FHIR, GP Connect etc.), coding systems (SNOMED, LOINC etc.)
  • Providing project management and technical oversight of engineering teams, including remote teams
  • Helping to streamline the development lifecycle, introducing agile practices if appropriate