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Outsourced Marketing

With a team of marketing specialists who understand the health and care sector inside out, we can help bring your innovation to life. From branding to product launches, we have the skills, contacts, and industry experience, to give your innovation the platform it needs to thrive in this competitive market. Our full-service innovation agency means you can reap all the benefits of an in-house marketing team without the overheads.

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Stages to Success


By working with you to understand the problem or to find gaps in your marketing strategy, we’ll work with you to strategically define and agree the scope of the support required.

Design the solution

Based on our understanding of your requirements, we’ll design a fresh approach that helps you to meet all your marketing objectives. Whether that’s to communicate more effectively with your target audience, generate a steady stream of new leads, increase revenue or build organic website traffic.

Implement & measure

Using the latest industry standards in analytics, Search Engine Optimisation  (SEO) and Google indexing techniques, we’ll measure the effectiveness of the solution and adapt the approach (where required) until we achieve success.

Our Services

As a full-service innovation agency, we’ll take care of the day-to-day marketing, communications and public relations activity.

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