The importance of ESG for companies and socially conscious investors


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To accomplish a more sustainable, resilient future that promotes positive climate action, there is increasing demand for companies across the globe to strategically incorporate and report on their environmental, social and corporate governance footprint, including the policies that determine these.

Let us help you differentiate your organisation. We’ll support you to develop cost-effective ESG-driven market positioning, decision-making and corporate principles that address vulnerabilities whilst promoting sustainable opportunities for growth.


‘ESG’ reporting refers to the disclosure of data that explains a company’s profile in three areas: environment, social and corporate governance. As the umbrella term for sustainable and responsible finance components, the ESG  framework considers the environmental, social and governance factors alongside financial factors in the investment decision-making process.

ESG 8fold
ESG 8fold

Did you know?

Studies from as early as 2010 prove that companies with high ESG performance outperform their peers financially.  There are >$100 trillion in assets under management (AUM) globally that are managed according to ESG principle.  

The $2.2 trillion ESG debt market could reach $11 trillion by 2025, assuming it expands at half the pace of the past five years.

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Sustainability training – break down the demand for sustainability

Many organisations struggle to grasp the absolute need for sustainability practices, and their financial and societal value in addressing vulnerabilities and opportunities. Our training packages will keep you up to date with the rapidly evolving space including regulations, industry trends and investor appetite.

Accountability – demonstrate a proactive approach and win investors’ trust

Assessment of key ESG issues can be challenging but when executed well, demonstrate risk accountability and pave way for effective corporate action. From devising solutions that measure your environmental impact to data collection and quantification of your social and governance profile, we can cater to your ESG accounting needs.

Reporting – enhance your reputation as a trustworthy organisation amongst employees, customers and investors

Consistent goal-oriented communication is critical in trust building. With the alphabet soup of reporting standards and frameworks now available, it’s a matter of figuring out which one suits your needs the best, coupled with appropriate messaging. Our services can help you produce Sustainability Reports that best reflect your organisation’s investability.

Corporate Strategy – embed a sustainability framework into your corporate strategy

Prioritisation of key objectives can often be translated into policies, tangible goals and working frameworks. We can help you establish a strategy that contributes towards your long-term stability and competitive positioning by addressing resilience and innovation around key sustainability topics.

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