The Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC)

Compliance Support for Manufacturers of Health IT Systems

What is DTAC?

The Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) for health and social care has been developed by NHSX as a framework and assessment methodology for evaluating the potential risks and benefits associated with adopting new technology. 

The DTAC helps to give anyone using new technology, including staff, patients and citizens, the confidence that the digital health tools meet the highest standards for clinical safety, data protection, technical security, interoperability, usability and accessibility. In doing so, it also helps to identify gaps or areas where further research is needed.

Why does DTAC matter for digital health suppliers?

DTAC DTAC Assessment DTAC Review DCB0129 Clinical Safety Officer Data Protection Impact Assessment DPIA Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) Information governance Information governance as a service Data protection Data protection officer Data protection officer as a service

The DTAC combines legislation with an assessment methodology to enable NHS health and social care organisations to quickly and consistently assess the potential risks, impact and benefits of any new technology. Although it is not mandatory, it is regarded as a best practice tool for any NHS health and social care organisations adopting new technologies, such as staff and patient facing apps, systems or web portals.  

Ultimately, the DTAC outlines what is expected of suppliers at the procurement stage and as part of any due diligence process. Where a supplier does pass or meet all the requirements of the Digital Technology Assessment Criteria, the technology will be failed.

How does 8foldGovernance support digital health suppliers with DTAC?

A free 30 minute call with our experts to assess your level of DTAC compliance can make all the difference for digital health suppliers. We don’t just assess your DTAC readiness, we can also complete the missing elements for you. 

Our team of highly trained Data Protection, Information Governance and Clinical Safety Officers (CSOs) will ensure that you are prepared. We will work with you to reach full DTAC compliance and fill any gaps that you may have in your team.


DTAC - 8fold Governance

FREE DTAC Compliance Check

Our team works with digital health suppliers to curate the evidence required for the DTAC. This consists of five key domains.

DTAC - 8fold Governance

Clinical Safety

DTAC - 8fold Governance

Data Protection

DTAC - 8fold Governance

Technical Security

DTAC - 8fold Governance

Interoperability & Usability

DTAC - 8fold Governance


We will review your DTAC compliance FREE OF CHARGE
and take on any elements you wish to outsource.


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We support early stage Digital Health Start-ups in the UK. Speak to us about outsourcing your specialist services.

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DCB0129 & DCB0160 Mandatory Standards

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

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DTAC - 8fold Governance

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