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Data Security And Protection Toolkit

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Data Security And Protection Toolkit

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Data Security And Protection Toolkit

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The 8foldGovernance team have extensive experience in supporting the completion of NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) submissions for all categories of organisation.

Our service is designed for organisations with limited or no experience with the DSPT requirements. After reviewing your existing organisational Data Security arrangements we will provide you with guidance on how to ensure compliance with the DSPT standards, assisting in the production of required documentation and completion of the online submission.

Our Data Security and Protection experts will tailor the service around your existing data security and protection practices and documentation to ensure the most streamlined adoption of DSPT requirements to ensure compliance.

By working with your organisation’s staff we will be able to create a Data Security and Protection infrastructure that best suits your day to day business as usual workings.

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit requires that your organisation identifies a number of roles filled by different individuals including; an Information Security Lead, Caldicott Guardian, Information Governance Lead and Data Protection Officer. We know it can be difficult for already stretched staff to find the time to fill these roles and complete the necessary tasks that come with them.  To counter this, 8foldGovernance also offer a DPO Support Service as part of our Integrated Governance  Service. With this we can work with you beyond the initial delivery of the DSPT providing ongoing support the right staff members providing assurance that you are compliant with the DSPT requirements and all information Governance year–round, year after year.

Data Security and Protection Toolkit - 8fold Governance

Data Security And Protection Toolkit Submission Support Services

  • Complete Review of the existing organisational approach to Data Security and Compliance including a review of Policies and Procedures required by the DSPT
  • Alter existing documentation and develop new documentation where needed to ensure compliance with all of the DSPT requirements
  • Aid in the production of necessary incident/data breach reporting procedures
  • Review and advise on any changes needed to business continuity procedures
  • Produce an organisational Data Protection Impact Assessment Procedure to ensure all future projects are assessed for the need of a DPIA keeping in line with the requirements for future DSPT submissions
  • Distribute the Data Security and Protection awareness survey to staff
  • Recommend any additional controls, actions or activities which may need to be implemented based on the requirements of the DSPT
  • Collate all evidence items and complete the submission on behalf of the organisation