Cyber Security Services

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Cyber Security Services 

8foldgovernance has a large range of services to offer, we are one-stop-shop for digital health technology companies

Do you comply with Security Best Practices? How confident are you that your business is prepared to securely operate in the current threat landscape and avoid any kind of disruptions? Our Security health check assessment can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your current level of risk and identify gaps that could expose your organisation to various cyber threats. Our consultants will help you address those gaps within your IT strategy and support your operations and business goals.

Our multi-year experience allows us to understand our customers’ technology and needs in order to deliver fast, effective and high quality services.

Our security advisors are known for their ability to apply the right skills and knowledge at the right time in order to add value and create positive impact.

We have delivered numerous successful Cyber Security projects in the Finance, Banking, Tech, Telecoms, Energy and Transport Industry and have also established a number of partnerships with respected Security Organisations and Universities.

Our Approach 

Build Common ground – Translate technical concepts into business opportunities

Think as the Customer –Understand challenges and offer the most efficient solution, not the most expensive one

Business-Risk oriented – Make a difference to the business not just fixing an IT issue 

Heavily invest in innovation – Modern mentality and disruptive technology

Our Services

we offer a large range of cyber security services, see below for a breif description