GenesisCare – Case Study

GenesisCare operate more than 130 centres across the UK, Spain and Australia. Their global team of more than 2,500 highly trained health professionals and support staff provide cancer and cardiology services to more than 160,000 people each year.

GenesisCare already had an in-house Data Protection Officer (DPO) and a well-established Information Governance (IG) framework in place to support day-to-day operations. As a dynamic and agile organisation, GenesisCare identified the need for specialist support when designing, developing and delivering new and innovative treatments and care for people with cancer and heart disease. Privacy, confidentiality and security are fundamental to the services GenesisCare provide. A new approach was investigated to find the best way to deliver the level of quality GenesisCare required. This led to the employment of an in-house IG Manager within the GenesisCare Quality Team, however when a vacancy arose it proved challenging to recruit a suitably qualified and experienced replacement to fill the position.

8foldGovernance were initially approached by GenesisCare to provide consultancy on an interim basis whilst a suitable candidate was identified for the full time IG Manager role. After discussing their requirements it became clear that Information Governance as a Service (IGaaS) could provide a more suitable alternative to both traditional consultancy and the in-house IG Manager model. IGaaS would deliver flexible and scalable support whilst ensuring both quality and value for money.

8foldGovernance worked with GenesisCare to embed IGaaS into their internal quality processes. Established processes such as those relating to Information Rights Requests from Data Subjects continued to operate providing a seamless transition for staff. The GenesisCare Quality Team were able to maintain visibility of all IG activity through regular communications and reporting by 8foldGovernance.

The GenesisCare Quality Team now rely on 8foldGovernance to provide their IG support through IGaaS. This has removed the need to recruit an in-house IG Manager. 8foldGovernance have supported the delivery of key projects, supported the review and revision of internal processes and provided pragmatic solutions to support high quality service improvement, business development and care delivery.

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