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The future is patient-centric and patient-enabled

The Future Is Patient-Centric & Patient Enabled It is not just via data that patients will become more empowered. All of the industry spokespeople we interviewed for this paper agreed that the current crisis has brought about such rapid innovation that there is no return to the ‘normal’ of before. Rather, post-Covid, we will enter […]

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Digital Health – A complex and opaque marketplace

Sifted suggests that the NHS’s recent deal with Microsoft indicates that a risk-averse culture still rules major purchasing decisions in the healthcare sector: “The NHS’s recent deal with Microsoft (reportedly worth hundreds of millions and designed to give staff access to Microsoft 365 digital tools) is a stark warning to startups and small businesses; they […]

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Every day is a compliance day

Growing pains – Digital Health   Like any start-up sector, health tech has had its fair share of failures and missteps. But unlike other start-up sectors, health tech is accountable ultimately not to consumers or end-users, but patients and – often – public funding and institutions. Dr Shailesh Suri, Clinical Risk Consultant at 8foldGovernance explains, “It […]

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