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At 8foldGovernance, we take on the best industry experts so you can reap the benefits of an experienced in-house team to help get your health innovation off the ground.

Combined, our team has decades of experience in the health and care sector and can offer bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions to help turn a little idea into a big solution.

With end-to-end services available, regardless of whether you’re planning prototypes or product launches, we have the skills and services you need to breathe life into your digital health innovation. 

As a team that has grown from the industry ourselves, you can rest assured that you’re in good company with a partner of choice. Our dedicated, pleasant, and supportive people genuinely care about your business and will work with you every step of the way.

Enlisting support from our team is easy. We take the time to understand your needs and aspirations before putting together a package of support to help you reach your goals. That could be templated packs for you to complete in-house, consultant support, or the ability to outsource the roles and responsibilities to our team as required.

To get started, simply book an introductory meeting with one of our experts and we’ll do the heavy lifting from here onwards.

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8foldgovernance has a large range of services to offer, we are one-stop-shop for digital health technology companies

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Governance - it Governance, Risk Management, Compliance for Information Technology, DSP Rapid Toolkit and Digital Health Implementation Specialist

With a wealth of knowledge in health technology and trusted connections across the industry Lyndon can support your team with business development strategy and delivery whether you are a health technology start up, SME, or AHSN.He has played key roles in scaling businesses and can provide tactical and strategic support with a huge amount of energy and focus on solutions rather than problems. Lyndon’s extensive clinical and managerial background in primary, secondary, community and private health care are key in understanding and supporting the needs of health technology start ups when going to market.

CEO and Founder

Lyndon Johnson

IT Governance - Governance, Risk Management, Compliance for Information Technology, DSP Rapid Toolkit and Digital Health Implementation Specialist

Adam is a specialist information governance lead and has worked extensively for NHS trusts, CCG’s, private healthcare providers and digital health technology companies. He has extensive knowledge of data protection and privacy law, information risk management, data flow mapping and is expert in the practical application of data protection impact assessments (DPIA) and information sharing agreements (ISA). He is an expert communicator and trusted advisor in the industry.

Director of Governance and Legal Affairs

Adam Spinks

IT Governance - Governance, Risk Management, Compliance for Information Technology, DSP Rapid Toolkit and Digital Health Implementation

Hugh’s background is in neuroscience and cognitive sciences. He specialises in researching key opportunities and the right relationships for digital health technology start ups. He is passionate about digital health ecosystems and brings a fresh new perspective on getting your company in front of the right people.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Hugh Collard

8foldGovernance - 8fold Governance

Noreen has over 20 years of experience in Information Governance and has worked in Government, Technology Companies and NHS Trusts providing data privacy management and expertise in training, policy and procedural documentation, compliance framework completion, completion of records of processing activities, completion of the NHS Digital Data Protection and Security Toolkit. Noreen is passionate about data privacy and the protection of an individual’s rights.

Information Governance Consultant

Noreen Doyle

8foldGovernance - 8fold Governance

Shailesh has worked at VP Product level with responsibility for product strategy, design and delivery. He has worked at various levels of company maturity; building teams and processes from scratch through to managing more mature product and engineering teams. He has worked alongside customers ranging from national and regional health bodies to local clinical teams and app and device manufacturers. Given his clinical experience as an acute medical doctor in the NHS he is well placed to understand end user needs and communicate effectively with health service users and patients.

Director Of Clinical Risk & Product Management

Dr Shailesh Suri

8foldGovernance - 8fold Governance

Gurpreet is an experienced communicator with specialist knowledge of the health-tech industry. Her early career started in the NHS where she led pioneering communications programmes for the primary, acute and social care sectors, before delivering a number of central Government funded programmes to improve information sharing practices and policy across the Department of Health, Department for Work and Pensions and the Home Office. As someone who is able to articulate a vision into reality, Gurpreet developed the brand and marketing function for the digital health records market leader.

Creative Director of Communications

Gurpreet Sarai

8foldGovernance - 8fold Governance

With over 12 years experience in media and website development, Karl has supported many companies to increase their website traffic, resulting in improved brand exposure. Karl’s structural and design skills have supported him to systematically increase site traffic by implementing measurable industry techniques in SEO, indexing, design and ecommerce.

Web & Graphic Design

Karl Tidy

8foldGovernance - 8fold Governance

Karen is a nurse by background and completed her training at the University of Stirling in 2007. She has since worked across both public and private hospitals, gaining extensive experience in the areas of risk management and clinical safety where she has also delivered training. With a specialist interest in primary care and asthma, Karen maintained her registration for general practice while at the same time, leading the deployment of new IT systems and training staff in digital health applications and technology used in the NHS

Clinical Safety Officer

Karen Whitton

8foldGovernance - 8fold Governance

Justin has over 20 year’s experience in designing, planning and implementing data strategies in different industries across global markets. He has as a firm track record in leading the design and delivery of data and technology solutions and roadmaps with a pragmatic approach to strategically deliver on business objectives. Some of his previous engagements were at Cognizant as Associate Director, working on Enterprise Architecture and transformation, Balfour Beatty Group PLC global transformation, Linklater’s Enterprise Architecture, BAE, SunGard, HP, Microsoft and Oracle.

Director Enterprise Architecture & Programme Delivery

Justin James


8foldGovernance - 8fold Governance

Gavin Matthews

Gavin has almost 20 years experience in Business Development, Leadership and Healthcare Technology. His passion is in being part of a sustainable, patient-centric, universal healthcare system. This contribution will be achieved through delivering effective healthcare technology and in 2020 led to him founding Quiddity Health. The goal is now to broaden his and his teams impact on these ideals by uniting healthcare providers with the best innovation available from across the globe.

8foldGovernance - 8fold Governance

Sam Holland

Sam has been thriving in sales environments since graduating in Business Management at Manchester University 10 years ago. His ability to connect with people, understand their objectives, and build and articulate solutions has led to progression into leadership roles, where he has built and managed teams to deliver healthcare technology and transformation.

8foldGovernance - 8fold Governance

Anthony Anandan

Anthony has over 20 years experience in the life sciences and healthcare industry. He has worked in several global consulting firms along with NHS for Imperial College Health Partners. His core experience is around digital health technology and working alongside senior clinicians and industry leaders delivering healthcare improvement programmes. He has a passion for healthcare innovation and how digital health can deliver improved patient outcomes.

8foldGovernance - 8fold Governance

Carolyn Barkin

Carolyn has spent the past twenty-five years working in health and care across academia, government, information technology, financial services, and management consultancy. Inspired by her foundations in Public Health, she believes in taking a human-centred approach to service design and digital transformation. She works with customers to ensure that users (patients, clinicians) are put at the centre of digital health and care solutions.

8foldGovernance - 8fold Governance

Tom Sheppard 

Tom has worked in Healthcare for his whole career, both in the NHS and the private sector. He is Managing Director and part-owner of HealthBid, the UK’s largest specialist healthcare bidding organisation. Tom leads the business to deliver nearly 100 projects a year with a win rate of over 75%. Using his business and sector acumen, Tom support clients to hone their commercial message and understand how to sell their product more effectively.

8foldGovernance - 8fold Governance

Giannis Kostakis

Giannis has over a decade of professional experience in Cyber security, Technology and Business leadership, supported by a strong technical background. He has specialised in cyber risk, focusing on helping clients realise and mitigate cyber challenges, while demonstrating business value and building successful relationships. He is the Co-Founder of Leo CybSec and has led in the past a number of successful projects and programmes in the Technology, Banking, Finance, Telecoms, Retail as well as the Public Sector.